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awards and honors

Honorable Mention selected by Denise Duhamel in Limp Wrist's 2022 Glitter Bomb Awards

First Place in the 2021 John Mackay Shaw Graduate Award at Florida State University sponsored by the Academy of American Poets

First Place in the 2020 May Sarton New Hampshire Poetry Contest from Bauhan Publishing
Best New Poets nomination 2019  from Guernica

Best of the Net nomination 2019 from Mud Season Review 

First Place for the 2018 Martha's Vineyard Creative Writing Institute Parent/Writer Fellowship 

Best of the Net Nominations 2018 from Posit and Ilanot Review

Finalist for the 2018 Driftwood Press Adrift Chapbook Contest

Pushcart Nomination 2017 "In Which Ghost is A Hue"

Finalist in the 2017 6th Annual Gigantic Sequins contest: "Directions to My Body for the Uninitiated"

First Place in the 2016 Sidney Lanier Poetry Competition from Asheville Poetry Review: "Emmy Hennings: Access is Excess"

Finalist in the 2015 Nancy D. Hargrove Editor's Prize from Jabberwock Review: "Symphonie Fantastique"

Finalist in the 2014 Fairy Tale Review Poetry contest: "Peter Pan on the Problem of Pillow Talk"

Finalist in the 2014 Puerto Del Sol Poetry Contest "Emmy Hennings": Access is Excess"

Finalist in the 2014 Third Coast Poetry Contest: "After you said an artist can" and "Emmy Hennings: Access is Excess"

Art by Wendie Duncan                                                        Art by Leah Canavan

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