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Six Across: Fable 

Kissing Dynamite

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In Which My Son Has a Love Affair with the Sesame Street ABC's

Daily Drunk Mag

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Dear Casey Kasem. I approach not & Dear Casey Kasem. I haven't seen a pear gash

Anti-Heroin Chic

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"The Devil is Going to Take Your Soul" - Dante, age 4

Tinderbox Poetry Journal

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"I don't want you to says he's a killer"

Mom Egg Review

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I Give In Again


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Mother Darling Talks to God

Glass Poetry

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Some Call it Bounty


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Mother Darling
v. The Grim Reaper

New Delta Review

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Leaving Lake Ella, I Discuss the Lexicon of Loyalty with My Son

Harvard Review

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On Artillery

Pithead Chapel

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For My Son Who Asks Why

The Boiler

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On Ramen and Religion

Boston Literary Review

When You First Fuck Me, I Think of Billy


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